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We apply our hands to every step of the process. We meticulously weigh and load the raw coffee into noisy, hot, oven-like roasters, noting all the pertinent aspects of their roasting in our logs. We attend to the roasting product, listening for the crackles, watching the beans darken and give up their skin, sniffing small stolen samples for the right moment to open the roasters and release the smoking, now-roasted beans into the cooling bin. We portion the coffee into buckets, which we line up, marked and ready, in our packaging area. We fill paper bags by hand with single-origins or carefully mixed blends, often while the coffee is still warm, rolling and taping them, stacking and recording, hefting, sorting and delivering, all with our hands.

These coffee beans are the seeds of plants, grown far away, harvested by hand and processed by people using heritage technology often cobbled together from old farm equipment, car parts, and imagination. What they started with their hands, we will finish with ours.