becoming a member

Cooperative  Coffees invites roasters inspired by our values and practices to join the cooperative. Growing our membership helps us realize our mission by increasing the volume of coffee purchased from our grower partners. New members also add new energy to the coop and expand the scope of what we can accomplish.

Process and expectations

Before joining Cooperative Coffees, applicants need to have purchased coffee from us for at least a year. Roasters interested in membership after a year of purchasing from us then complete and send an application to our Member Services Committee (MSC). The MSC helps applicants go through the process from becoming a provisional member to (hopefully) becoming a full member of the cooperative. Applications take a few months to be reviewed and sent to the board of directors for approval. Upon approval by the board, a 12 month provisional membership period begins. At the end of the 12 month provisional period, if all requirements are met, the provisional member becomes a full member of the coop. For more details, please read the membership process and checklist.  

Members of Cooperative Coffees commit to (among other things):

  • Purchasing at least 120 bags from the coop annually
  • Purchasing more than half of their coffee through the coop
  • Taking an active role in the governance and well-being of Coop Coffees 

Though there are no annual dues, members are required to purchase equity in the coop. This equity is the financial foundation of the coop. In the event of a surplus at the end of the year, members receive share of the surplus via patronage.

We ask all applicants to think carefully about going into business with a group of roasters spread widely across the continent who would be colleagues, co-owners and potential competitors in the marketplace.  Success for the coop depends on our roaster members’ ability to work collaboratively – even with members active in the same markets – to pursue our goal of strengthening and deepening our equitable trade relationships with a growing number of producer partners.  For more information read our Members Covenant.

If you have any questions, please contact our Sales Department.