Ed Canty FEd Canty, General Manager, joined the Cooperative Coffees team in October 2015. His coffee career began two decades ago in a Portland, Maine coffee shop where he learned the craft of roasting and the pleasure of customer service. This led him to Green Mountain Coffee Roaster’s cupping lab in Waterbury, Vermont. His interest in coffee quality and growing communities started a 15 year career as Green Mountain’s Fair Trade and Organic coffee buyer. He values transparency, principled negotiations, intelligent system design, and innovative holistic agricultural practices that improving quality and producer livelihood through trade. Ed is a licensed Q grader and serves on the Board of Trustees for the Coffee Quality Institute. He lives in Vermont with his partner Christe and children Asher and Emma.


Americus, GA Office
Staff Abby photo1Abby Trantham joined the Cooperative Coffees’ Americus office in May 2004. While obtaining her bachelors degree in Accounting, she worked part time at the Coop alongside founder Bill Harris performing a multitude of tasks. After graduating with honors from Georgia Southwestern State University in 2006 with her Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting, she was excited to accept a full time position at the Coop. As the Coop and responsibilities have grown over the past ten years, Abby remains loyal to the Coop and loves knowing that her work positively impacts farmers from around the world. She takes pride in her responsibilities and the oversight of the Americus staff and operations. When not at Coop Coffees, Abby enjoys spending time with her family and friends whether that is a fun day on the boat or enjoying the country life at her family’s farm. 
photo Becky 2Becky Johnston joined the Cooperative Coffees’ Americus team in August 2015. Born and raised in Americus, she has always admired the story behind Coop Coffees. So, after 12 years in the automotive industry, here she is; handling our inbound coffee processing and fair trade as well as organic certification. In addition to drinking coffee, her interests include camping, cooking, kayaking, and yard games with her family and friends.


Staff Chelsea photo 2 Chelsea Carter has been part of the Cooperative Coffees’ Americus team since 2007. After the birth of her son in 2014, she reduced her office hours to accommodate for motherhood.  After eight years of dedication to the Coop, Chelsea decided it was time to let someone else hold the importing and certification reigns. Even though she is not working on a daily basis for the office, Chelsea is always willing to lend a helping hand.


Nancy'd Bio Pic FinalNancy Fuentes was born and raised, until the age of 12, in Tamaulipas, Mexico. In May of 2011, Nancy graduated from South Georgia Technical College with an Associates degree in Accounting. She joined the Cooperative Coffees’ Americus team in February 2015 after working at Café Campesino for six years. She learned many aspects of the coffee industry from the roasting process to cupping. Nancy was excited to join the Coop Coffees team and continue her work, which ultimately impacts farmers from around the world. When Nancy is not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and children.


Montreal, QC Office
Monika Firl bio resizedMonika Firl serves as CoopCoffees’  Director of Sustainablity out of the Montreal office, Coop de Solidarite du Cafe Equitable, since 2002. Prior to coffee, Monika worked with a variety of locally based development projects, while living in Central America and Mexico from 1991 to 2000. Her experiences range from: founding and directing a center in San Salvador for the exchange of information on alternative technology; coordinating a regional Campesino a Campesino program promoting horizontal learning about sustainable production practices and market alternatives with farmer groups in Central America; and direct participation in technical training and marketing development with coffee producers’ cooperatives in Chiapas— including Maya Vinic with whom CoopCoffees maintains a relationship to date. Monika holds a Master’s Degree in Journalism as well as a BA in International Relations and German. She got her start in business, growing up in the backroom of her parents’ independent, retail store.  In her spare time, Monika can be found on her bike, in the water, renovating some odd piece of furniture/home project…. or just goofing around with her 15-year-old daughter. 
filepe staff photo 2Felipe Gurdián Piza’s decision to come to Canada from Costa Rica was at first temporary. Having concluded a joint degree in Economics and History at McGill University in 2010, he decided to stick around for a bit longer. Having started off as an intern, Felipe has had many responsibilities. Today, he is in charge of Latin American purchases and monitoring the beans’ ebb and flow, managing inventory in relation to members’ and customers’ needs through our commitment system. In his spare time Felipe enjoys punk-rock and his bike, weather permitting. 
Staff Florent photo 1Florent Gout grew up In Sete, France. While pursuing his undergraduate studies abroad, in international trade, he was introduced to the Fair Trade principles. After graduation he became responsible for import operations for OXFAM Fair Trade in Montreal. This experience gave him a strong background in the management of import operations, forecasting, and inventory. He did not hesitate to apply when he saw the job offer posted by Coop Coffees. Florent is Manager of Coop Coffees Pre-Financing Fund. He is also in charge of contracting coffee with our Indonesian and African producer partners and monthly pricing.


Ellen staff photo 2An innocent question “Is it possible that coffee would taste like green peas?” sent Ellen Meredith down an entirely new career track in the fall of 2010. Having retired from the advertising world and 15 years as a self-employed caterer, Ellen has followed two years of intensive on-the-job training as Coop Coffees lab assistant. Currently armed with finely honed sample roasting skills, successful completion of SCAA Q-grader and cupping courses, and an unusually gifted, natural palate – Ellen has now taken on the role as CC lead cupper. Ellen is also responsible for planning and assisting with events such as our AGM Green Day, Roaster Workshops and internal exchanges. When not hunkered over the cupping tables – you might find Ellen whacking balls on the tennis courts or volunteer horseback riding to help handicapped children learn motor skills


Deborah staff photoDeborah Shea joined Coop Coffees in April 2012. Prior to her immersion in coffee, she worked for more than 20 years in the Canadian book industry. First in retail, then as a partner/owner of Hornblower Books, she was a key player in this national book publishers’ representation group, where she served as CFO. Deborah now serves as the Montreal accountant and office manager, overseeing administration and Coop Coffees communications. Deborah is excited to be a part of the organic fair trade world, and to be drinking great coffee! She enjoys yoga, books and hanging out with her family.