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Toronto, ON M6N 3C2, Canada.
Wholesale: 1.800.566.9273
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Alternative Grounds was born out of the belief that much that is good in life, begins over a good cup of coffee. Back in 1995, a freshly roasted fairtrade cup of coffee was tough to find in Toronto. And so we began our journey of many firsts: roasting only fairly traded coffees, being one of the first signatories to certifier Fairtrade Canada, becoming a certified organic roaster and the first Canadian member of the newly created Cooperative Coffees. None of this would have been possible without our enthusiastic community of coffee and social justice keeners!

Our membership in Cooperative Coffees has enabled us to directly connect with other like-minded folk – coffee roasters and coffee farmers alike; to discuss, explore and expand our understanding of fairtrade and how to make meaningful difference within our own communities and the global environment. Oh yeah, and create great coffee!!