Our board is charged with overseeing the work of our staff and volunteer committees. We attempt to make most policy decisions based on written proposals and recommendations from the committees. The board meets four times per year via teleconference and once per year at our annual general assembly of all members.  

Martin Trejo, Amavida Coffee, Chair 
Martín graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies and a minor in Biological Science. He first began working with Amavida Coffee during school break in 2010 where he was drawn to the cafe environment and how it became a centerpiece for the local community. As he learned more about the industry, the multi-faceted connection between coffee roasters and coffee producers became his focus. After completing his degree, Martín considered working with the GIS department in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, but forwent the opportunity to continue in a full-time role with Amavida. He developed the first employee training program between 2012-2014, and began roasting in 2014. After working on many projects for the company, he found that quality control, green buying, and roasting were his passion. Martín officially became Director of Coffee for Amavida in 2015 and has worked tirelessly to improve the company’s coffee quality, roast profiles, and buying strategy. Amavida was named Roast Magazine’s Micro Roaster of the Year in 2018, a title that Martin reveres. When he is not working, you’ll most likely find him at the beach with his wife and two daughters, playing guitar or shooting hoops in the roaster parking lot.
ZacharyRay, Desert Sun Coffee, Vice-Chair
Zach graduated from Fort Lewis College with honors in Sociology and Human Services. He spent 4 years working for Oxfam America as a CHANGE leader developing college students to be leaders and advocating for the Fair Trade movement at colleges across the country. Zach spent 3 years living in Myanmar working for an international development organization called the Shanta Foundation working to alleviate poverty for some of the world’s poorest people. Zach, as the owner of Desert Sun Coffee Roasters, continues to dedicate his time to moving the needle forward in Fair-trade, transparency and business sustainability. When not at work you can find Zach mountain biking, traveling, and learning other languages.
Nani Ferreira-Mathews, Thread Coffee Roasters, Treasurer
Nani Ferreira-Mathews is co-owner at Thread Coffee Roasters, a women and employee-owned roastery and B Corporation in Baltimore, MD. Nani started her career in coffee over ten years ago in a small Brooklyn cafe that sourced coffee from the transparent importer Crop to Cup. Nani moved from barista to roasting and production with Joe Coffee Company, Nobletree Coffee and onto sales with Unique Coffee Roasters. Nani moved to Baltimore, MD in 2017 to take the role of Coffee Director for the James Beard award-winning restaurant Woodberry Kitchen. In 2018, Nani took the unique opportunity to join Thread Coffee Roasters as a worker-owner. She is responsible for sales, marketing, certifications and business development for the roaster cooperative. Nani is also a musician, writer and activist and is a frequent contributor to Roast Magazine covering topics of ethics, data collection and climate change.
Tripp Pomeroy, Café Campesino, Secretary
Tripp Pomeroy is a co-owner and the CEO of Cafe Campesino with a roastery and coffee house in Americus, GA, and Sweetwater Organic Coffee, located in sunny Gainesville, FL. As 100% fair trade organic coffee roasters, Cafe Campesino and Sweetwater purchase all of their coffee through Cooperative Coffees and are deeply committed to the cooperative business model and positively impacting the lives of small scale coffee farmers. Tripp has more than 25 years of experience in international business and development, starting his career as Habitat for Humanity International’s PR coordinator for the 1990 Jimmy Carter Work Project in Tijuana, Mexico-San Diego, California. Tripp received a BA from Tufts University and an MA in International Development from the American University’s School of International Service in Washington DC. From time to time, he can be seen cruising the backroads of Southwest Georgia and North Florida on his 2013 Suzuki V-Strom 650.
Joshua Brandt, Higher Grounds Trading Company
Joshua is the General Manager of Higher Grounds Trading Company, an international coffee roasting company committed to promoting community & sustainability on a local and global scale in Traverse City, Michigan. Before moving to Traverse City, Joshua lived in Grand Rapids and worked as Chief of Staff for a State Senator in Lansing for 8 years. He serves as Fundraising Chair for Safe Harbor.
Ann Costello, Peace Coffee 
Anne is the Director of Coffee at Peace Coffee, a 100% fair trade, organic, and certified B Corporation coffee roaster in Minneapolis. Anne became immersed in coffee over ten years ago at a green coffee importer, where she worked in sourcing, hedging, and logistics. At Peace Coffee, she oversees the company’s value chain, from sourcing coffee to tracking impact on producers. She remains continually inspired by the complexity of coffee and how it connects people and places thousands of miles away.    
Craig Hall,  Equator Coffee
Craig Hall has been the owner operator of Equator Coffee Roasters since its founding in 1998 in Almonte, Ontario Canada. Craig, and his wife and business partner,Amber, have always had a passion for high quality coffee and their commitment to partnering with coffee farmers. Equator operates three cafes in the Ottawa area and delivers fresh coffee every week to its loyal wholesale customers. Craig and Amber have four children Micah, Ella, Sam and Joel. Equator is proud of it’s work with School Box a charity that builds classrooms and sends children to school in Nicaragua. 
Tom Novak,  Third Coast Coffee
Tom started at Third Coast Coffee at the end of 2008, while still working in high-end restaurants. He began as all staff do, washing dishes and buckets. In 2010, Tom made the choice to go back and finish his bachelor’s degree at Texas State University. During this time, he continued to work at Third Coast and had several other jobs working his way through school. In 2013, Tom graduated from Texas State University with a degree in Agricultural Business Management. It was at this time that he decided to leave the restaurant world and work full time at Third Coast Coffee. Tom mastered all the departments and was eventually promoted to General Manager. In 2018, the partners at Third Coast decided to bring Tom in as a partner. He is now the CEO of Third Coast Coffee and wears many hats. Being added to the Board of Cooperative Coffees is an honor and Tom looks forward to participating in the growth and evolution of the organization. 
Megan Wood, 44 North Coffee 
Megan is co-owner and founder of 44 North Coffee, located on a small island off the coast of Maine. Megan and her business partner, Melissa have roasted Cooperative Coffees’ beans for over 11 years. Megan remembers her first cup of coffee at the age of 10 at a Las Posadas while volunteering with her family on a farm in Honduras. This began a love not only for coffee but for learning the whole story of coffee. After receiving a degree in International Studies with a concentration in Latin America and the environment and working in Washington DC she realized she missed being in nature and returned to her home in Maine where she met her business partner and started roasting coffee. Starting as a company of two, they now have an average of 10 employees and three locations. Megan loves the way coffee connects people, from producing farmers to her own island community.